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Revamping is a complex operation consists in radical optimization and upgrade of an existing installation, allowing its recovery. In addition to improving the outward appearance of a plant, through the revamping to be involved it will be especially the structural renewal of machineries, technologies and electrical components.

Throughout the years, Global Service has gained considerable experience in revamping processes in industrial and port area, bringing us to better understand the needs of companies and to study new intervention solutions, improving the time available.

Our highly specialized staff is able to provide performance both in Italy and abroad, and to solve obsolete technology problems or to recover spare parts difficult to find.

Global Service with revamping can provide complete and “ready to go” solutions with supply of software and hardware, intervening especially on gantry cranes, trastainers, bridge cranes and shipyard cranes, aiming to improve reliability, efficiency, and performance, in accordance with current EU regulations.

Each revamping project is accompanied and completed by updating the necessary documentation, including risk analysis reports and documentation of the technical dossiers for the conformity declaration of the plants when required.

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