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Within the company, a modern laboratory with sophisticated equipment, allows for repairs of electronic cards which are essential tools for the development of software that are not limited only to the machines’ management, but also to support their development and the control of maintenance activities.


The highly skilled and qualified, ready to carry out missions in Italy and International, available 24 hours 24, allows Global Service to provide its customers an "all inclusive" service through targeted solutions, on both strategical and organizational aspects.


There are many fields of software application  that can be used for the various types of both quay cranes - portainers, Mobile Harbour Cranes, wagon bridges, reachstackers -  as continuous cycle machines, to name the most important ones.


Wide investments are reserved to promote continuing professional training  for the company staff but also the operating and maintenance staff.


Global Service is inserted fully in the European project about S.UP.PORT (Skills Upgrading in the Ports) to continue its activity on both training and operative, applying its products to the new generation machines, in particular for the study, development and management of three simulation tools for portainers, Kalmar reachstackers and various types of forklifts, in collaboration with the University of Pisa.


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